Brazilian Butt Lift


Both women and men can be dissatisfied with lack of fullness in the buttocks, commonly referred to as a “flat butt”, which can be the result of genetics or weight loss.  One of the fastest growing trends in cosmetic surgery is surgery to enhance the buttock area.  There are two basic ways to add fullness to the buttock area.  One way is with buttock implants made of a solid silicone rubber.  Buttock implant surgery is a painful, difficult surgery and has a high complication rate.  The newest technique for buttock enhancement is the Brazillian Butt Lift and is the prefered method of Dr. Pastrick.  This technique involves harvesting fat from another area of the body through liposuction, isolating the pure fat cells, and injecting those fat cells into the patient’s buttock area.  This naturally enhances the buttocks while elimating fat from unwanted areas of the body.  While it does involve a general anesthesia, the recovery is quicker than using buttock implants and the results are great.