Scar Revision


Scars result from skin insult or injury and occur everywhere on the body.  Scars on the face more noticeable and more difficult to conceal than on other body areas, and scars, by definition, are permanent. While scars cannot be completely erased, plastic surgeons can often improve the appearance of scars, making them less noticeable. 

  • Steroid injections can help soften scars and reduce their size and redness.
  • Surgical revisions can be performed to scars that have “matured” to remove old scar tissue and lessen the appearance of the scar.
  •  Z-plasty and W-plasty techniques can be used to treat contractures and to minimize the visibility of scars by repositioning them along the natural creases in the patients skin.
  •  Prescription grade silicone-based scar cream (available at The Plastic Surgery Center) can help scars and is the only type of cream/ointment that has been clinically proven to reduce scarring.   Mederma has not been shown in controlled scientific studies to be effective.