Breast Lift (Mastopexy)


Breast sagging, or ptosis, often occurs in a mature breast due to aging, weight loss, or after breast feeding.  On some occasions it can occur during development of the breast, as in tuberous breasts, or due to large, heavy breasts.  The hallmark of breast ptosis is when the nipple falls below the level of the inframammary fold (lower breast crease).  Mastopexy, or breast lift, is the surgical lifting of the breast to restore a more youthful shape and position.  Breast implants are often used in conjunction with mastopexy in those who have lost breast volume to help give internal support and improve contour.  For larger breasts with ptosis, implants may not be used or breast reduction may help.

  • Helpful to remove excess, sagging skin or stretch marks and elevate the nipple.
  • May need implant to restore volume and shape or may need breast reduction to decrease the weight.
  • Areola (pigmented skin around nipple) size frequently reduced.
  • Outpatient surgery.
  • Scars usually fade well with time.
  • Expect one week out of work.
  • Expect 4-6 weeks to full recovery.

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