Lesion Removal


Everyone has skin lesions or moles that occur naturally or as a result of sun exposure or diseases.  In some cases, unfortunately, these lesions are malignant (cancerous), but more often they are benign.  In either case,  Dr. Pastrick has extensive experience in diagnosing the various types of lesions and can treat you effectively.  Surgical excision is imperative for malignant lesions, but benign lesions do not have to be removed for any medical reason.  Cosmetic surgical excision under local anesthesia, however, is a great option for those with benign lesions who simply do not like the appearance of their lesion due to location, size, or color.  When performed by a skilled plastic surgeon, rather than a dermatologist or family practitioner, the scar can be minimized and the result very rewarding.  Some benign lesions can be removed without surgery using lasers or even creams.

  • Large lesions, or lesions in sensitive areas, can be removed surgically.  Generally this can be performed with local numbing.
  • Minor lesions, such as warts, can be frozen off with liquid nitrogen or treated with chemicals such as salicylic acid.
  • Non-ablative laser procedures using an Intensive Pulse Light (IPL) system can help with minor sun damage and age spots.
  • Lesions that show any signs of turning cancerous, for example a mole that has changed shape or color, are recommended for excision and laboratory testing.