Obagi Medical Systems

Dr. Pastrick’s treatment of choice, Obagi Medical Systems is a physician-prescribed skin care system that actually corrects the functions and health of your skin, after damage due to aging and environmental elements. The system transforms your skin at the cellular level.

  • Obagi C Rx
  • ClenziDerm M.D.
  • ELASTIderm
  • Nu-Derm
  • Professional-C Serum
  • Gentle Rejuvenation System
  • Tretinoin

Introducing Obagi 360.

The Obagi 360 system is a complete approach to help protect and preserve youthful-looking skin. This unique, all-encompassing skin care system is designed to help proactively protect and improve the look of skin texture and tone, while laying the foundation for a lifetime of radiant, healthy looking skin.

The Obagi 360 System is designed to:

  • Address the facial skin care needs of younger patients.
  • Help prevent the visible signs of skin aging.
  • Provide a doundation for a lifetime of radiant, youthful-looking skin.
  • Leave the skin clean, fresh and glowing.